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Today was the first day of the Python bootcamp.

I have learned to work with variables, string manipulation, user input and finished programming a Band Name Generator ;)

#begin code
#1. Create a greeting for your program.
greeting = "Welcome to the Band Name Generator."

#2. Ask the user for the city that they grew up in.
user_input_city = input("Which city did you grow up in?\n")

#3. Ask the user for the name of a pet.
user_input_pet = input("What is the name of your pet?\n")

#4. Combine the name of their city and pet and show them their band name.
print("Your Band Name could be: " + user_input_city + " " + user_input_pet)
#end code

When executed, it looks like this:

Welcome to the Band Name Generator.
Which city did you grow up in?
What is the name of your pet?
Your Band Name could be: Stormwind Pepe

The Python programming course I am following is:
100 Days of Code - The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp

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