Jobless and frustrated

Weekends doesn't mean much for me since being jobless. But... to stay synchronized with my husband's schedule, I've decided to only do the Python bootcamp on weekdays.

I had a hard time today about the fact of not having a job. I've searched the web for some quotes to bring me some happiness, but instead of a happy one I stumbled across this quote from Aung San Suu Kyi:

Jobless people will have no self-confidence. And they feel they are worthless because when you don't have a job you have to rely on someone.

It's exactly how I feel right now :(

A little backstory on being jobless (since 2012). I got a burnout, got depressed, looked for help, tried the freelance road, did not work. Got very frustrated and depressed again. I looked for help again, this time at a psychiatrist. Got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 48. Everything made sense, but... you're born with Autism, there is no getting better. So I felt (still do sometimes, like today) there is no hope in getting a job. It's not only my Autism what makes getting a job difficult but also my age. I turned 50 this year.

Another thing is that I felt like my brain-cells where starving. That's the reason I decided to do this #100DaysOfCode Python bootcamp. To keep me busy, to keep my brain busy, to learn something instead of playing computer-games and watching Netflix.

I have noticed that it helps. But today it's weekend. Today there is no bootcamp to keep me busy. For the first time in my life I gonna be happy when Monday arrives :)

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